The Legend


Kuri Kuri – A Fantasy World



          There is a place where everything is possible, where fantasy grows and imaginary becomes real, this place is our dreams.


Since the beginning of times the story about a people has passed throughout all the continents. These people are the Kuri and, legend tells, they are responsible for sowing in us our dreams. The stories about these people are legendary and universal and findings of their existence can be found across the pyramids of Egypt, the gardens of Babylonian or right next to the man when he stepped on the moon.


          We know little about the Kuri but gathering information from ancient stories and memories we know that these are beings living in a world parallel to ours. The Kuri have a very important task for all mankind: to develop in humans the ability to dream, so that everyone realises they should cultivate and work in order for the dreams to become true. As said by António Gedeão “When man dreams, the world leaps and advances as a colored ball in the hands of a child”…


         According to the legend, the world of kuri kuri is very similar to our world, with different people and cultures, but they all have something in common, that is to protect our ability to dream. With their willpower, the ability to never forget how to play, laugh, smile and believe, they are beings with indomitable dreams.


In their world, the Kuri are, from early age, accompanied by their small pets, the Jiru. These little creatures are very playful and are always playing tricks to their owners. The Jiru are also extremely loving, staying with “their” Kuri for all his life, helping him remember how good it is to play.


          Despite all efforts, nowadays only the drawings of one Kuri family with their three Jiru are still known. However, we believe that more news will appear through time, if we keep our ability to laugh and play. May this festival help achieve that by recreating the Kuri Kuri culture – Where Fantasy Happens.





                                                                                                                                                                                 Dream, Believe, Do and Smile.